Contribute to ö! Transition Magazine

Hello! We are happy and grateful that you are interested in writing for the ö ! Transition Magazine. Here are a few pointers to ease our work and set the context for a good cooperation.


The ö ! Magazine has a variety of sections, which are as follows:

  • Review: this covers events that Transition groups have organised, how projects have been developing, and courses that CELL has been organising. Questions to cover: When? Where? What? How? Why? Why did you participate? What did you like? What impact? Followup? Contact?
  • Earthcare, Peoplecare, Fair Shares: these are the permaculture ethics and in this section we cover everything from ecological to social to societal topics that are related to Transition.
  • DIY: this section is about doing things yourself, so you could tell us about your best breadmaking techniques, local and seasonal use of ingredients in your favourite dish, how to work with wood, how to make your own toothpaste etc. Questions to cover: Why do things yourself? What ingredients? When to make it? How to make it? Your experience?
  • People in Transition: this is a portrait of one person in Transition with specific questions that are set. If you like interviewing people, or if you’d like to be featured in this category, get in touch.
  • Action Group: if you are an action group, you may present your activities and what you are about. For the process of becoming an action group, get in touch with us.
  • Friends of the Network: this is the section reserved for presenting projects that are not action groups or projects within CELL and Transition, but that Transition shares some ethics with and has some affinities for. If you have an idea for this section, get in touch.
  • Your Turn: here you may indicate needs and offers of skills and things that are relevant to you and the Transition movement.
  • Agenda: we have an agenda for Transition events, and we sometimes publish upcoming events for Friends of the Network.


The ö! Transition Magazine welcomes articles in English, French, Luxembourgish, German, and Portuguese.


We welcome articles that are up to 500 words in length. We reserve the right to cut and edit your articles.

Text Format

File Name : The file name needs to be clear and concise.
File Type : doc, docx, txt (strictly no PDF)

Image Format

The file should be accompanied by 1-5 photos for which you have the rights.
The photos need to be submitted separately, not already integrated into your text.
File name: These photos need to be named with a clear and concise file name that features the name of the author of the photograph, e.g. spring_herbs_katy_fox.jpg
File type: jpg, png, tiff, (a reasonably good resolution)


The ö! Transition Magazine is a monthly magazine. The deadline for submission of text and photos is 15th of a month for the ö ! Magazine of the month after, e.g. 15th April for the May edition. The ö! Transition Magazine is not published in August, and submission for the September edition is 15th July. Our publication date is within the first week of the calendar month (i.e. between 1st and 7th of the month).

Editorial Process

We have a process whereby we ask you to upload your articles to a Trello, which is an online content and project management software programme, that helps us to smooth our collaborative process. How Trello works is explained here:
We are welcoming offers to contribute to the ö! Transition Magazine, and we prefer to have a conversation around what you wish to write first.
The ö! editorial team reserves the right to occasionally reject articles on the grounds of form, content or tone.


Proofreading helps us a lot. We will divide the draft ö! into sections that we ask you to proof on a relatively short turnaround (1-2 days maximum for your response). We ask you to respect our way of commenting on the layouted PDF, and use the following technique to mark your comments and corrections: (PC) (Mac)
We reserve the right to occasionally reject individual correction suggestions and we believe that an authentic authorial voice is more important than perfect grammatical sentences at times.

Editorial Team

The ö! Magazine is run by a bunch of volunteer enthusiasts who are doing this work on a voluntary basis. We have a more or less constant need for coordinators and contributors to the magazine, as well as for layouting, proofreading and publishing stages of the publication process. If you would like to be part of the editorial team, do get in touch. These are the roles that you can currently co-fill:

  • Scout: actively looks for articles, informs authors about submission process and uploads articles to Trello, liaises with layouter
  • Contributor: writes articles after dialogue with scout, respects submission criteria and process
  • Layouter: being able to use the basic functions of adobe indesign (or willing to learn in a crash course) and implementing the current guidelines of the ö design, respecting the deadline and publication process. Time needed to complete one edition, depending on how much content needs to be integrated lies in between 4 & 8 hours. (approx.)
  • Text Editor and Proofreader: proofreads and suggests corrections to submitted texts, chases up missing information (caption, legends, attribution, etc.)