Education Activities

CELL organises courses relating to permaculture, agroecology, transition skills, non-violent communication, etc. In order to receive updates on what is happening, please sign up for our newsletter here. For information on upcoming and past courses, please see our calendar and blog, subscribe to our mailing list, or email us with your query.

Cycle de formation pour jardiniers

Ce cycle de formation est proposé pour  l’année 2019

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Intro to Permaculture

We are regularly offering two-day introductions to permaculture in French or English. This ‘taster’ will provide an opportunity to actively learn about the principles and see examples of designs being implemented by groups and projects in this country and abroad. The course provides the opportunity to discuss vitally important issues in a positive, creative and supportive space. The course is lively, participatory and thought provoking.


An introductory course is usually held over a weekend, and most courses will include sessions on:

  • Ethics and principles
  • Design
  • Examples of permaculture
  • An observation exercise
  • A video
  • A practical exercise or walk
  • An overview of the permaculture network and how to find out more


PDC – Permaculture Design Course

The 80 hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) material was originally developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, co-founder of permaculture, to teach the principles and foundations of sustainable design. All PDC courses offered throughout the world must follow the same format to assure that the integrity of the certification process is upheld.


Our PDC runs over 6 weekends in 6 months and is usually run in English or French. It is multi-sited and draws on the knowledge and experience of local and regional experts in our PDCs to ensure that they are high quality, theory and practice focused and with hands on design experience.


Tailored Transition Workshops

We have accredited transition trainers and permaculture teachers. We also operate within a learning network of skilled practitioners that are able to offer specialized workshops (e.g. seed production, setting up and running a CSA,…). If you want to organise a course or workshop tailored to your needs, contact us for more information. We can run the seminars in English, French, German or Luxembourgish. In the past, we have offered courses on composting, peak oil and climate change, resources, garden design, but also courses honing your social intelligence and group work skills.

Transitioning Schools

We regularly do interventions in schools (mostly secondary level). We can offer participatory workshops in English, French, German or Luxembourgish. In the past, we have worked with young people on composting, peak oil and climate change, resources, garden design, but also on social intelligence and group work skills.