Groupes D’Action

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  • Agroforesterie

    Le groupe d’action Agroforesterie s’intéresse à la conception des jardins forestiers au Luxembourg.

  • Recherche en résilience

    Unité de recherche du CELL. Il développe des séminaires adaptés aux besoins des groupes, des organisations et des individus.

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Pandemics change business-as-usual overnight. Even if you never had to think about resilience, now is probably the time. Change is inevitable and yes, desired. What are the next steps to build up and increase the resilience of our societies globally, but also at our doorstep?
This series of zoom conversations has been created for you as a space for connection, disruptive thinking and exchange of practical ideas and information.
In this first Resilience Café session, Dr Katy Fox, founder of the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg and of Mycelium Design, the Luxembourg Transition hub, will give us an introduction on the different dimensions of resilience.
Weekly Resilience Café sessions with invited guest speakers will focus on a few other topics. Feel free to send us your suggestions:
Please share your ideas, questions, …