With your membership, you give us a public demonstration of your affinity to our ideas, projects, work and passion. This feels great and if a lot of us do this, we also gain credibility which in turn allows us to do more of our work and make it matter. This is what we call in permaculture a spiral of abundance. Become a member and support our work!

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Become a volunteer

As a CELL volunteer you will develop your own projects and participate in projects currently run by CELL: transition initiatives and projects, permaculture sites, community gardens, permaculture groups, festivals, parties, courses and workshops. We would also like you to get involved in the daily management of the organisation. You should be passionate about permaculture and agroecology, have some knowledge of low-impact living and be autonomous, resourceful and proactive.

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Action Groups

Our Action Groups are groups run by citizens like you who want to transform an idea they have into a project or run a local transition group. CELL is organised in a loose network form, valuing self-organisation and self-determination. CELL is currently enabling the following action groups that pursue specific themes and issues in practice. We meet regularly in various locations around the country of Luxembourg through our CELL action groups. You can read about the action groups currently in existence at the link below. If you would like to set up an action group yourself that you think is in line with the aims of CELL, do get in touch with us here.

List of Action Groups

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