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We have two types of membership at CELL: Active Members & Supporters. Active Members are involved either in an action group, the core group or the CELL council group. They have voting rights at the Annual General Meetings (AGM). Supporters have no voting rights at the AGM. Please apply for membership by using the form below. Active membership requests will be reviewed by CELL.

10 Per Year Active Member
  • 10% off at selected courses
  • 1 packet of local seeds
  • 1 postcard
  • access to all electronic resources
>50 Per Year Supporter
  • 1 postcard
  • 1 transition thank you gift
  • access to selected electronic resources

Please fill in the membership form

You can wire the membership fee to: CELL– Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, 178, rue de Rollingergrund, L-2440 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, BIC CCPLLULL // IBAN LU811111310833450000

Please wire the membership fee with the mention “Cotisation” or “Membership” and your name.

We're looking forward to having you aboard!