We offer consulting based on permaculture design, social technology and collective intelligence tools and draw on a learning network of skilled practitioners who use other sustainability design methods. Build on our experience with transition projects to research, design and develop projects in your area. We are particularly knowledgeable in energy, garden and food projects, but we are also seeking to expand our expertise to new, regenerative economic models. If you have new ideas about how to help shifting your community towards low-impact AND high quality of life, please get in touch.

We offer professional facilitation and social intelligence tools to accompany your collective processes (Open Space, World Café,…). These are simple and powerful approach to meetings, consultations, conferences, or unconferences and to ongoing leadership that create the conditions for enthusiastic performance, creativity, collaboration and personal commitment. Participants create the agenda. Each joins topics of interest and receives written reports of all discussions. Usually, priorities are set, action plans are developed and action groups are identified. Participants leave with new insights, new energy and a sense of moving forward.

Our aim is to integrate permaculture ethics in bringing together the human being as a person with a meaningful, rich inner life (personal design), as a social being (social design), and as a being living among a community of other beings on earth (land-based design).

Personal Design

If we want to bring about systemic transformation, we need to start with ourselves. CELL accompanies this kind of deep cultural change with our selves and in groups, solving conflicts and facilitating the process towards fulfilling the needs of your organisation or group and giving more meaning to your work and being.

Natural and social systems operate on many different scales and levels. Wisdom arises in relationship, not in isolation. Collective wisdom emerges from the collaboration and competition of many different people and appears in forms of consensus decision-making. It is important for our local communities to adopt ecologically sound models of collective wisdom and decision-making if we are to face issues such as global complexity and multiple crises (ecological, economic, social). At the moment, our conditions of living are defined by systems that do not favour collective wisdom (e.g. enclosures, private property) and posit themselves as the only possibly way forward. This needs to be thoroughly and widely questioned. Ways of organising that favour collective wisdom need to be put into place.

Social Design

Pioneering permaculture in a place is not just about redesigning the landscape, but also about bringing about conscious and careful cultural change. Social Permaculture Design is about how we live in our villages, towns and neighbourhoods. CELL aims at facilitating the creation of real wealth in our bioregion, i.e. the region defined by characteristics of the natural environment rather than by man-made divisions. This real wealth is measured by the increase in biological resources: the growth in plant and animal biodiversity and in ecosocial projects. The interwoven issues at stake with regards to the resilience of our bioregion are the land, the economic system and people’s livelihoods.

Land-Based Design

CELL develops regenerative, land-based design that restores the land to its full potential. For this we use permaculture and agroecological design and methods to enliven your land in accordance with your production and biodiversity aims, generating a balanced yield for the human being and the earth. We propose solutions to top soil erosion, water management and flow, loss of biodiversity, loss of soil health and pollution that are caused by dominant ways of working with the soil, with fossil-based agriculture and with annual crops in monoculture systems.

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