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Offer sustainable Christmas presents with CELL

Dernière mise à jour : 21 déc. 2021

Christmas season is on and you might be in the rush of finding gifts for your loved ones. If you are currently in your ecological transition you might find it hard to find a sustainable and at the same time useful gift that makes your loved ones happy.

While searching for the perfect gift to put under the tree it can be helpful to ask yourself: "Who made my Christmas gifts?", this will streghten your focus to human rights, conscious consumption and will have a positive impact on your journey of transitioning to a more sustainable and resilient way of living. In order to not waste too much time finding your perfect present, we gathered some ideas that might be interesting for you and take into consideration human beings and nature.


Gardening trainings in permaculture

In January 2022, CELL will relaunch the gardening trainings in permaculture. From learning how to grow and harvest your own vegetables, to planning your crops and sowing, all the essential subjects will be addressed during this training. Find the dates and registration procedures for the January and February 2022 training courses HERE.


"Les jardins communautaires du Luxembourg"

"Les jardins communautaires du Luxembourg" shares the collective experiences of garden communities in Luxembourg and invites you to explore the specificities of these gardens, to make discoveries, to uncover their secrets and above all… to inspire you! A book wich will charm you with its valuable information around the colorful garden in Luxembourg full of colors, biodiversity and people working together.

Available at Ernster or order at CELL for 15€

"21 Histoires de Transition - récoltées par Rob Hopkins"

This book celebrates local action and the numerous possibilities it creates.

You will find 21 stories from 39 citizen groups in 15 different countries reporting how it is possible to be happier, more integrated and more fulfilled, while taking action for fair and seizable change on a personal, local and global level. A book that welcomes you to the world of Transition, inspires and makes people want to act in new ways.

Order at CELL for 8€

The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience, by Rob Hopkins,

For Transition movement newbies we recommend the books of Rob Hope founder of the international Transition Towns movement. Other great books by Hopkins:

  • The Power of Just Doing Stuff

  • ‘From What is to What If’: Unleashing the power of imagination to create the future we want’


You might have people around yourself who tell you they want something and the next day they show you that they bought it. Well, it is sooo exhausting to find gifts for this kind of people as they seem to have everything what would make them happy. BUT we have the perfect present you can gift this kind of people: A membership card or a part of a citizen cooperative!

This is a very personal gift, as you have to make some research to know what organisation would make your loved one happier. Many organisations are putting in their efforts to change the world for the better and we think this is a nice way to gift.

CELL membership card

Ecological and social transition


Food transition and resilience

Gift a food voucher at MESA, maison de la transition

Offer products or membership card at Altercoop SC

Offer products or membership card at zero waste organisation OUNI

Offer a local and organic food basket subscription at TERRA

Energetic transition

TM Enercoop

Enercoop Uelzechtdall

Enercoop Syrdall

No matter what present you choose to gift, CELL wishes you and your loved ones a healthy and happy Christmas season and a peaceful start into the New Year!

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