Luxembourg Transition Platform: Action Groups

Our Action Groups are groups run by citizens like you who want to transform an idea they have into a project or run a local transition group. CELL is organsied in the form of a mycelial network, valuing self-organisatin and self-determination. CELL is currently enabling the following regional and thematic action groups within the Luxembourg Transition Platform. We meet regularly in various locations around the country of Luxembourg through our CELL action groups.


Thematic action groups gather around one issue and seek to further their knowledge in it and acquire practical experience while sharing with like-minded people. // Regional action groups are focused on bringing transition to a particular place in the form of community gardens, energy coops and other projects and partnerships to one neighborhood, village or city. // Projects are collaborative undertakings that have a particular aim in line with transition aims. // Cooperatives are livelihood projects that seek to bring about a new kind of economy in both what they do (their product) and how they do it.


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thematic-yellow The Agroforestry Action Group is all about designing forest gardens in Luxembourg. We also further the cause of agroforestry within the department of Agriculture and with agriculture education.

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Ad Hoc

thematic-yellow This group concerns itself with creating possibilities for cooperative housing in Luxembourg.

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thematic-yellow The Aquaponics Action Group is most involved in research and practice in aquaponics.

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projects-yellow Help building an off-grid self-sufficient house in the Western region of Luxembourg

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Art for Change

thematic-yellow The Art For Change Action Group supports, encourages and promotes diverse art forms as effective tools for positive social/ecological change.

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Inner Transition

thematic-yellow Explore and support the inner dimension of the Transition process…

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Environmental Footprint Group

thematic-yellow The members Anglican Church of Luxembourg Environmental Footprint Group endeavour to learn about climate change and its causes.

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