People, Skills & Knowledge

We consider people, the knowledge they have gathered, and their skills to be the greatest renewable resource of our learning network at CELL. We wholeheartedly invite you to get in touch if you have a relevant skill- sharing activity to propose, wish to exchange on this marvellous training you have attended recently, need some information about permaculture design, gardening techniques and where to procure materials, or even want to chat about starting up your regenerative business. This is what true collaboration towards citizen-led systemic change is about!




Show your support, wear some CELL today! These high quality garments were locally printed, are oraganic and fairly traded.

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We have a set of seed production sieves that you may borrow for up to a week at a time. Get in touch if you want to produce your own seed from plants.




This forum aims at facilitating networking between people who have questions on permaculture design and low-impact living, who wish to register their land development site, to initiate and get support with pioneering projects, to share their knowledge and to exchange things on the marketplace (without money). The forum is moderated and a login is required. Go to forum.