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Volunteering at the Äerdschëff – Personal insights of a longterm volunteer
I arrived at the Äerdschëff-construction site with a setting summer sun on a Friday evening in the beginning of August. Volunteers were gathered around a long table and had just munched away on a shared meal. Some were doing dishes or discussing after dinner, others playing games in the chill area. The “Chantier Participatif ” had already started in the previous week and the volunteers got to know each other and by the looks of it, had become a close group of like minded peers. I overheard  part of some conversation:“Why do you like volunteering so much?” – “it’s a chance to try something new and to encounter other people as well as opinions in general” someone says. “in the search for a meaningful experience and to be involved.”, someone else adds to it. “And for fun!”, someone cried …