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In the previous part of Let`s Dream and Sail away together with Äerdschëff, we looked into a personal story – my own – from a longterm volunteer at Äerdschëff. From the arrival during the first chantier participatif in August when the construction phase had just begun to what it means to work in a pilot project that aims to bring education on sustainability to the forefront. The different aspects of a project came about, such as the envisioning stage, the planification and the life cycle as a whole, basically the nuts and bolts of almost all projects.In this part we will sink deep into all the unhappy and unforeseen events within projects before we rise out of the storm and see a bright and clear future unfolding at the horizon. 
Äerdschëff construction 07/2020
Stormy weather
However a plan might be in place or a compass set out, usually …